Why should I contact a Auto Lock Specialists LLC about getting a new car key?

Our locksmiths can make keys for just about any car. Onsite service allows you to avoid the cost and time of having your vehicle towed for key cut.

How much will having a key made cost?

There many factors that determine the cost of a vehicle key such as the year make, and model. These specs allow us to verify if a key is a transponder or standard cut key. Please call for a free estimate! (616) 466-7691

What areas do you service?

We specialize in the Greater Grand Rapids area and Holland and Muskegon. However, generally can service anywhere in Western Michigan.

What vehicle models can you cut keys for?

We are able to cut keys for almost all vehicle makes and models. Please call us for further information with your vehicle year, make and model. (616) 466-7691

What is a transponder key and how do I know if my car key has one?

A transponder key is a special computerized chip located inside of a car key. Its purpose is to identify a specific key for the corresponding car. Transponder keys also act as a security measure for the vehicle as the chips are purposely synchronized to activate the ignition. The ignition’s computer and the transponder coordinating is the only way the vehicle will start. Our Locksmiths are trained to use special machines that enable them to program your new key.